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A Time of Change

One of my stepfather’s favorite sayings, while I was growing up, was, “We will go until we are turned back.” This applied to many of our family camping trips in the rainy Pacific 2021 has been a year of changes. We have all had to learn to live with the new restrictions on socialization and travel. Living in London during the worst of the lockdown restrictions left us needing a bit more mobility and freedom. We purchased land in Florida to build a home with the thought of moving in 2023. Our flights back to London kept canceling and renewed lockdown restrictions in London in January led us to stay in Florida for an extra 6 weeks. By the time we were able to return to London, we were done with the lockdown in our tiny flat. We made our official move to Florida in May, where we wait for our home to be completed.


Some countries are allowing non-vaccinated travelers.

In the interim, I am starting to see some of my clients cautiously begin to travel again. I have successfully planned and had clients travel to Italy last month. I have some group trips planned for 2022, where y’all are welcome to join me. We all need to remember that this is still a very fluid atmosphere to plan, book and depart to any destination outside the US and even to Hawaii. I keep up with the changes and have resources that I can see current restrictions and requirements. Those who are vaccinated have more options, but those who have chosen not to be vaccinated are still welcomed in some countries with stipulations. I am here to help you navigate.

Off-season travel can have surprisingly nice weather and fewer crowds. The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland in April.

I have gathered a few articles from some of my supplier partners to help you start dreaming of your next travel destination.

Ireland is a special place all year round. This article highlights 5 Unique Christmas Adventures in Ireland.

Thanksgiving in London was a unique experience for US citizens. Our church held a Thanksgiving service with a few other American Churches in St Paul’s Cathedral. In 2019, I participated in the choir for that service. It is one of my favorite memories of sing under the dome in St Paul’s. If you would like to spend Thanksgiving in the UK or would like to visit the US connections while there, here are some sites to focus on. 

Soft Active Adventures have become a popular way to travel outside and safely with a small group. There are tour partners that specialize in this type of travel for almost any destination in the world. Hiking, cycling as a couple, or with family is a fun way to connect. There is an itinerary for any level of fitness. 

Cruising has returned. Small ship ocean and river cruising, in particular, remains a popular way to travel. These sailing are destination and port intensive and focus on the culture, history, and culinary aspects of their destinations. 

In the next few months, I will begin to focus part of my business on “bucket list” travel. I think that we have all learned not to put off what we truly wish to do in our lives. One such destination for some may by the Kentucky Derby. I was fortunate enough to attend the UK version of Ascot during my time in England. It was an eye-opening look at the posh culture of English Horse racing. What is on your bucket list for travel? Drop me an email to let me know.

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