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Scotland Awaits You

When you think of Scotland, you probably first think of movies that you may have seen. Outlander, Harry Potter, Skyfall and of course The Highlander. There are iconic sights from these and other movies all throughout Scotland, but there is so much more. Scotland is the land of activities. There is something for everyone and… Read more

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Travel Deals in December

As everyone is rushing back and forth this holiday season,  treat your family to a gift that makes memories. Travel is not only fun, it is a great way to re-connect with your spouse, kids or extended family. Shared experiences can be remembered for years to come. Time is one of our most valuable resources…. Read more

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Reconnect with Travel

Travel helps to connect you with other areas of the world, experience different cultures and appreciate what you have in your own back yard. I have been married for 25 years. I think that one of the keys to our great marriage is taking time to reconnect with each other. We began coming to Jamaica… Read more