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Culinary & Spirits

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Would you like to travel to a destination and immerse yourselves in the local culinary and spirit or wine culture? We can curate a trip that could include locally hosted dining, cooking class, cooking demonstrations, or tastings of the local wines and spirits.

My first taste of single malt Scotch whisky was on the isle of Mull just off the coast of Scotland in the inner – Hebrides. I thought that I was drinking a fireplace. I soon learned that what I was tasting was one of the most heavily peated whiskies that were produced. We made it our mission to travel around Scotland and try all the Diageo branded distilleries. It took us three trips and I grew to love the different regions, tastes, and smells that come along with the single malt experience.

There are so many varieties of wines and spirits in the world to sample along with the local cuisine. To truly experience a culture, you must experience their local flavors. In most cases, the food and drinks pair with the atmosphere and ambiance of the country or region. Barrel-aged stout in Scotland is very different from the beer experiences in Belgium. Wine tasting in Washington, along the Columbia River, is a different experience from Port on the Douro River in Portugal. They are both fabulous experiences not to be missed. Where will your palate take you next? We are here to help cultivate new tastes and nurture old ones within your travel experience.

10 days

Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s the nourishment of the soul and body: it’s truly love.

–Giada De Laurentiis.
Much like travel, which helps us to understand our neighbors, the food and spirits of different regions, countries and cities help to bring us all together with shared experiences. We can pair culinary and spirit experience with almost any itinerary. But if you’d like your trip to be food or drink themed, then below are a few suggestions.




Ireland, the US South, and Japan


England, Scotland (pair Botanist Gin and Whisky on the Isle of Islay in Scotland), Argentina (Apostles), Australia (four Pillars), Germany (Money 47) and various US locations


Australia (Adelaide, Sydney), Europe (France, Italy, Portugal, Hungary) and the list goes on.