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Sunset in Florida

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

One of my stepfather’s favorite sayings while I was growing up was, “We will go until we are turned back.” This applied to many of our family camping trips in the rainy Pacific NW. This philosophy is what I use today in my personal life as well. Best laid plans Tim and I planned, last… Read more

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Travel With Me in 2021

Here we are in the fall of 2020. Many of you have cancelled plans to travel this year and are wondering about next year’s chances. The travel industry as a whole is working hard to welcome you back with cleaner environments and extra safety precautions. Cruises, especially, are held to higher standards than resorts, hotels… Read more

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Long Beach Pennisula

Where, Oh Where, Can We Travel?

Everyone has a different tolerance for risk. This is why there is everything from Wellness Spa resorts to Adventure travel. But, in today’s environment, we also have to assess our risk factor for travel itself. If you are waiting for a vaccine before traveling farther than you can get with your car, you might enjoy… Read more

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Long Beach Pennisula

Weekend Destinations in Washington

Weekend Getaways August is here and the restrictions to travel abroad are still in place. So what’s to do? Take a road-trip! We are lucky to live in a wonderful part of the country, where the natural beauty is all around us. Choose the mountains, lakes, ocean or sea, there is plenty to do and… Read more

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Turkey and Greek Islands Cruise May 2021

Next week, Tim and I were supposed to be sailing on a Celebrity cruise to Iceland. We had been looking forward to this trip. Like so many other vacation plans that we have all made, this trip needed to be re-scheduled after the cruise cancellation. We had planned already to go to the Greek Islands,… Read more

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Travel Perspectives

My new life in London has taken some getting used to. The people, customs and culture are very different here, even though they speak English. There are many foreign travelers, year around, in the city. As I walk through many of the city’s parks, such as Hyde Park, I see tourists taking pictures of the… Read more

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Group Space for 2020 Is Here

It is not too early to start thinking about your travels plans for 2020. I have group space blocked for two different travel opportunities. If you have a group destination that you are trying to plan, let me know how I can help. Holland America Cruise Line – Western Caribbean Cruise Set sail on the… Read more

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Fall Travel – it’s not too late

I want to go someplace this fall. Tim and I sat down, last December, and made a list of places to visit for 2019. We made a marked our calendar and set it aside as a job well done. Here it is on the brink of summer and we have only checked off one destination… Read more

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Scotland Awaits You

When you think of Scotland, you probably first think of movies that you may have seen. Outlander, Harry Potter, Skyfall and of course The Highlander. There are iconic sights from these and other movies all throughout Scotland, but there is so much more. Scotland is the land of activities. There is something for everyone and… Read more

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The World Of River Cruising

Since time began, man has taken to the cruising the rivers of the world to transport goods, to transport themselves or to just relax and enjoy. As the river takes you in its grasp, you can watch the landscape and villages drift by. It is an unhurried mode of sight-seeing that has gained popularity over… Read more