Long Beach Pennisula

Where, Oh Where, Can We Travel?

Everyone has a different tolerance for risk. This is why there is everything from Wellness Spa resorts to Adventure travel. But, in today’s environment, we also have to assess our risk factor for travel itself.

If you are waiting for a vaccine before traveling farther than you can get with your car, you might enjoy my article about short destination getaways in Washington.

If you are ready to get on a train or a plane, read on for some travel destinations that are open for business.

Cleanliness is next to…

I was recently attending a virtual conference with travel suppliers from all over the world. The main theme that they wanted to convey was all of the health and safety measures that they have put into place to keep travelers safe. I have been traveling this summer locally around England and can verify that procedures have changed and I very rarely felt uncomfortable inside a restaurant or hotel.

The airlines are also stepping up their game, when it comes to cleaning. Here is a video from Delta Airlines in regards to what they are doing at Sea-Tac International Airport.

Insurance is Essential

Today’s traveler needs to be flexible. Last minute trips may become a norm as quarantines are lifted and destinations open and close again. Health insurance and, in some cases, proof of international health insurance is becoming mandatory. Not only will trip insurance help with this, but it may be able to cover you if you have to interrupt your trip due to illness. All policies differ and you need to approach any trip with your eyes open and all the terms and conditions of a trip accepted. Many hotels, airlines and experience providers will allow cancellations, but not refunds. You can postpone and re-schedule, but please don’t expect a refund.

National Destinations

There are many places to see in our great country. Amtrak Vacations has expanded their hotel offerings and upgraded their sleeper cars for cross country or Pacific Coast trips.

National Parks are accessible and I have a new supplier who has availability at the Lodges for many parks. We can put together a package where you could fly to a gateway city, rent a car and head to the National Park.

National Parks
Bryce Canyon National Park

City Escapes

You can travel based on your interests. Nature, music, food and wine destinations are all within our borders. New Orleans has both music and great food. Travel up the Mississippi River and channel your Huck Finn on a river cruise.

Nashville, Memphis, New York City and the list goes on. I can help tailor a destination experience for you and your travel companion, whether it is your family or a small group of friends.

International Destinations

Mexico is open for business to US citizens! I have a few colleagues that have gone recently, who would be happy to share experiences from Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. Social Distancing is in place and the beaches are waiting for you.

Playa Majeures

The Caribbean is also opening up. St Lucia, Jamaica and other island destinations have their airports and hotels ready to welcome travelers. In some destinations, you will need to stay on the resort property only.

San Souci, Jamaica

If you are really craving a bucket list trip, how about a safari! Parts of Africa, including Kenya are accepting US citizens into the country. Here is a link to a virtual safari to whet your appetite.

Flexibility is the travel phrase of the day. If you are ready to travel this fall, winter or into 2021, please let me know how I can help you. US destinations are what many are choosing in the short term. I have a bunch of ideas to help make your time away from home enjoyable.