Taking Your Vacation On The Road

German Countryside

German Countryside

Many people like the flexibility of driving on a vacation. Many of us think of motor homes for extended road trips in the US. Who wouldn’t want to explore the great National Parks of the West or follow the trail for Civil War battles in the East, with a motor home.

Motor homes are like a cruise on wheels. Unpack once and enjoy your experience. Travel as fast or as slow as you wish, taking in the scenery and back roads of the country.

Many of you avid RV people may not know that your favorite mode of transportation is available in other countries as well.

South Africa:

Explore the vineyards and scenery of South Africa via RV. Enjoy sights from penguins to lions and game preserves.

Blythe River Canyon – Visit this beautiful national park, home to ‘God’s Window’, for some incredible panoramic views, great scenic drives and wonderful walking country.

Durban – South Africa’s friendliest city and home to the ‘Golden Mile’, a string of beaches popular with surfers because it’s a shark free zone.  If you don’t want to get wet visit the promenade for shops, restaurants the aquarium.

The Drakensburg Mountains  – If you love outdoor activities come here, you can hike, go horse riding, or take a safari, there are also quad bikes, white water rafting opportunities, and rock climbing.  The scenery is great too.

Australia and New Zealand:

Down under is the perfect place to explore by Camper. You will want to pick and choose your region in Australia, since it is a very large country. Customized itineraries can be made for each of Australia’s states. New Zealand is a bit smaller, but you will still need time, if you wish to explore both islands.

The Great Southern Touring Route, in the State of Victoria, turns the romance of the road trip into a grand affair. Drive along the Great Ocean Road past the iconic surf spots of Torquay and Bells Beach, then onto the holiday haven of Lorne and the magnificent Twelve Apostles. This route follows the coast and then takes you inland to see other marvels of Australia.


As in Australia, driving is done on the left side of the road. The roads here are fairly good, but you must be aware that some people tend to drive dangerously, so caution when driving is advised and driving at night is not advised. Thailand in divided in to three major regions of North, Central and South. Bangkok is in the Central region and where you will fly to for most international flights. The pristine beaches of the south are a great place to relax, while the north provided both cultural and religious insights to the Thai people.


Caravans, as they are called in Europe, are quite popular. This is a unique transportation option to make your way through the countries of Europe. Many people are surprised at the short distances between countries. Think of one country as a distance equivalent to a small state. You can traverse many of them within a few hours. As with many of the European countries, you may not want to drive directly into a bigger city. Park at a smaller city and take a train into the larger city as a day trip. Make sure that you are carrying a chip and pin card, with a pin number for un-manned toll booths along some routes.

Whether you wish to road trip in the United States or abroad, a motor home is a good option for many travelers. They are available as rentals and in many cases can be purchased as a package with air and sightseeing tours. To learn more about these options contact us today.