Trip Planning Highlights

The travel industry works 12 -18 months ahead of travel. Cruise lines are starting to publish the early fares for 2017 already. Special event travel such as the 500 anniversary of Reformation and Martin Luther in 2017 are already filling up. For popular destinations, you may be too late for this Christmas already.

How can I help you? You can shop all day online and book a vacation. Or you can let me help you plan with my preferred suppliers and relationships with vendors to make your next trip an experience and memory maker. I can add the special touches to give your trip a smooth experience where you can just and do, without the worries for were to go and how to get there. I spend every day helping clients and consulting with them to make each trip special. I train with destinations and suppliers to learn what is new and what is trending. I have taken tests to become certified in my field. Let me help you to make your next vacation a journey. Do be exhausted by planning before you leave.

Europe 2016 is on sale. With the exchange rates still favorable, many companies are have lowered the 2016 rates for European destinations. Whether you would like to take a tour, a river cruise or travel independently, 2016 is the year.

Here are three modes of travel that I have recently learned about:

Monograms: This is an assisted-independent travel company, mainly in Europe. They have local hosts and guides to help you in destination as well as transfer you and help you each step of the way to local train stations or airports. No worries about purchasing the wrong train ticket or getting to the station late. They are there to help you travel to your next destination smoothly, until you meet the host in the next city.

Avalon River Cruises: All river boats are built to the same length and width, per European lock standards. The difference is in the ship design and number of passengers. Avalon has some of the largest staterooms available at the per diem cost less than their competitors. The rooms are designed for the beds to face the view and not a wall. The passenger ratio is also less which gives you more space on board the boat as well. In Asia, their ships sail where others can’t go up the Upper Irrawaddy in Myanmar. On the Mekong, their ships carry just 36 passengers and have staterooms of 245 square feet.

Thailand: Thailand is a place of friendly people. The different regions offer different travel experiences and since airfare within the country is inexpensive, you can experience several regions on one trip. Bangkok, in the central region is home to ancient temples and the capital city. Take a tour out to a temple and a river boat back into town, or rent a bicycle.

The northern area of Chiang Mai, you can experience a guided street-food walk and mingle with the locals for this epicurean delight. There are also elephant preserves in this area, where you can help care for an elephant and give them a bath.

Save the south for last and enjoy the beach and waterline of the crystal clear sea. The area of Krabi is your destination for a vacation from your vacation.

Off season is April – October when it is more humid, wet and hot. Peak season is November – March when it is drier and less humid.

Here is a video about Thailand. Click on the other links for videos about Avalon and Monograms too!