Travel 2015

 The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – Saint Augustine

DSC00035Traveling is an important experience. Whether you are traveling to an acclaimed location in your own backyard or across the globe; we experience different sights and sounds but most of all we meet new and usually different people.
I think that I heard more languages spoken on a trip through the Western National Parks of the US, than I heard on our 6 week trip to Europe. Our Las Vegas hotel alone had people from different cultures speaking different languages every time I stepped into the elevator.
Learning about the world around us and the cultures that share this world is the important reason for travel. You can be a tourist or you can immerse yourself in the traditions of your destination and be a traveler.
Now, here is my caveat for those of you who are thinking, ” I really don’t want to travel to X if I have to do Y”. In today’s travel environment it is possible to ride a camel and have dinner in a nomad tent at 6 and be back into the city at 9. Tourism is a huge industry and there is a trip out there for any kind of traveler. I am here to encourage you to travel.
I am also here to take the time needed to help you plan a trip that will be a worry-free experience. Whether you wish to ride the trains of the Old West and see the hot air gallons in Albuquerque or seek refuge on a tropical island to refresh and rejuvenate your self or your relationships. I can help you every step of the way. We are all busy, so let me take the burden of planning from you and free you up to simply dream and count the days until departure.
It’s not too late for a winter escape in early 2015. If the rain or cold temperatures are getting you down, often there are great last-minute special waiting to be snapped up. Conversely, it is time to plan and book any holiday or summer travel you may be thinking about. Space fills up fast for peak season destinations. Have you always dreamed of being in Hawaii for Thanksgiving or visiting the Christmas Markets of Europe, now is the time to book these much coveted destinations.
Here are a few places to think about for 2015:
The Caribbean: The water is warmer than the Hawaiian Islands and in some cases, they are still in the US.
Tahiti: If you want to depart and fly west, Tahiti is a great tropical destination. Add a few more days and go to Australia too!
The Mexican Riviera: This is on the Caribbean side. It has great beaches and clear water for diving or snorkeling, plus the historical sites are easily accessed by day trips.
Germany: The religious community of Lutheran’s is celebrating Martin Luther over the next few years leading up to his 500th anniversary of Reformation in 2017.
Europe: Full of history and interesting people. You can see a lot in a short time or focus your travel in just one country, the choice is yours.
Cruising: On a cruise ship, you can unpack once and be transported to different destinations as you enjoy the amenities of the ship. Whether it is a river cruise or a larger ocean ship, there is a destination and price range for every budget.
So where have you been dreaming about traveling? Make 2015 the year of memories and go there.