Partner With A Travel Professional

Have you ever wondered why people seek out and use a travel professional to help them plan a trip? The reasons vary from not having enough time to plan to just wanting it all planned for them. But the very best reason to partner with a travel professional is customer service.

Customer Service

A travel professional will work with you before, during and after your trip; providing excellent customer service along the way. Most travelers only think about the pre-trip planning. How will I get there, what will I do and where will I stay? Travel professionals can also help with restaurant reservations, private transfers, maps, and local tips.

Emergency Assistance

By using a travel professional, someone will have your back during your trip. I, recently, had a client in Taipei, whose flight to Tokyo was cancelled due to a tropical storm. I was able to re-book his flight on another airline, since the original airline didn’t have any space for 4 days, and made sure that the replacement flight was still in time to connect to the homeward flight from Tokyo. I also spoke with the travel insurance company and talked with them about contingent plans and possible claims for trip interruption, should the client need to fly home directly from Taipei, due to weather restrictions. All of this took place at 5 am on a Sunday morning. My client was re-booked and on his way home, with only a very slight inconvenience due to weather.

Post trip support

A travel professional is still available after a trip. We love to hear all your details about the great trip you had, or we are here to help you file your insurance claim, if something went wrong. How many people wait for their luggage to come around the belt only to see it come out in pieces or not come out at all!

Long-term Support

A travel professional is not interested in selling you a trip. We are interested in building a relationship, so that we can tailor each and every trip to your personal desires and expectations. Every traveler is different and one trip that is paradise for one client could be a nightmare experience for someone else. We are here to listen, explore and, most of all, serve you to the best of our abilities.


So the next time you or someone you know starts to think about planning a journey ask yourselves if it isn’t time to have a travel professional on your side from the beginning all the way to the end of your journey, so that you can relax and see new places and new faces with confidence knowing that you will be taken care of all the way. Contact Us to help plan your next journey with confidence.
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