Multi-generational Travel

multi generationalThere are many benefits and very few draw-backs to multi-generational travel. It can be as simple as a family reunion or as interesting as a family trip to Europe or the Caribbean. Traveling with more than one generation, gives the group different perspectives on the same area or monument. While traveling in Scotland with my kids, they were interested in all the war making tools of a castle, where I was interested in the genealogy and politics that formed the community of the castle. Having these different perspectives when you travel enriches everybody’s experience. Adding another generation, such as grandparents, allow for more diverse experiences during the trip.

Give the grandkids back

Multi-generational travel allows you to spend quality time with children and even grandchildren without the everyday interruptions of life. With separate accommodations, you can enjoy your family while maintaining your own schedule and pace. Each night you can retire to your own room and enjoy some quite time, while recharging your batteries for the next days activities. Family meal time and experiencing different cultures can help you to reconnect with your loved ones in a unique environment.

Where would you like to go?

Many times, planning a trip with your family is as easy as saying, “where shall we go?” Someone needs to take the lead in any family outing. Usually that is the go to person to plan any family event. With the help of a travel advisor, trip planning can be painless. Choose a date and destination and leave all the details to the professional. If your family has different income levels and interests, a cruise may be the right vehicle for your vacation. There are many price points and something to do for every interest. Each port offers excursions and adventure for all ages and interest as well.

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