Experience Cuba!

cubaBack in the early 1990’s, My husband and I had the opportunity to drive into Prague. This was just after the border opened up to Western travelers. It was great to experience the culture and feel of the city before it became another European tourist town. It was authentic.

The same is true right now for Cuba. There are a limited number of ways that you can visit Cuba, one of them being a People-to-People Cultural Exchange. What does this mean? There are several tour operators who have been grated permission to take small groups to Cuba to experience the culture and interact with groups such as musicians, dancers, artists and chefs. On these tours you will stay in 3 star accommodations and be with a tour guide that will accompany you from Miami throughout Cuba.

This is an opportunity that many people have waited for most of their lives. I would encourage you to go sooner, rather than later. As Cuba’s sanctions are loosened, the west will invade and change this culture. If worse comes to worse, Cuba will again be closed to US travelers and the opportunity will be lost.

I know of at least three tour operators that are up and running and ready to accompany you in the experience. These are established tour companies that have been in the industry for many years. All very reliable and safe. They will help you each step of the way, from your flights to Cuba to your experience in the country and home again.

A few highlights from these trips may be:

  • Traveling to watch a dancing demonstration and then learning the dance yourself.
  • Cruising Santiago Bay and stopping to speak with local fisherman.
  • Visiting a pottery gallery and discussing the art of throwing with the artists.
  • Stop at a rum factory and discuss the making of rum with the workers.

And much more. These are very interactive tours that have been researched and planned for your comfort and education. These tours range from 7 days to several weeks. They can focus on one area of Cuba or travel the whole island. Contact me today to find out your options and make your dream of going to Cuba a reality.