Customized Travel Adds Value

Cinque Terre, ItalyAnyone can travel.

In today’s high-tech world, it is easy to go online click a button and have a reservation for a vacation 5,000 miles away in a foreign land. Is it easy? Sure it is. Does it save you money? Not necessarily.

Travel advisors, like me, are paid by the suppliers. The suppliers have already marked-up their prices to you, whether you use us or not. Hotels, cars, tours, and cruises all have travel agents in mind and price their products accordingly. When you book directly, not only are you giving up custom help and experience, you are not really saving any money.

Book with a professional

By reaching out to an independent travel professional, you are turning the key to a wealth of knowledge, experience and choices. This adds value to your trip by saving you time and narrowing your options to help you make an informed decision.  We deal with many suppliers in many price ranges. We have bulk buying power to get you special amenities and space, where there may be a scarcity. We can pre-block group space months in advance for cruises to get you a great price only weeks away from a departure. Our buying power and relationships with travel suppliers adds value that we pass on to you.

Attention to your preferences

We are on your team. Our job is to make repeat customers, not to take your money. We want your experience to be exceptional each and every time you travel. I will work hard to customize a trip to meet your unique needs and wishes. Paying attention to details and watching for special deals takes the burden of shopping away from you and allows you to anticipate your much-needed, worry-free vacation.

If you have an incident during your trip, I am a phone call or email away. If you book on-line, you do not have much of a chance to get any help that you don’t have to fight for. You are not on vacation to spend your time fixing unavoidable problems, I have the relationship with the suppliers to fix problems, while you continue with your journey.

One year, my family traveled to Scotland. Our connecting flight in Paris was close and our bags did not make it onto our flight. It took us 4 days of no clothes and phone calls on a newly purchased in-country cell phone, to connect with our luggage, which had arrived at the airport only hours later.

Contrast this experience, with another that I witnessed last summer, while on a tour. A couple had also lost their luggage, also in Paris. However, the travel professional that was on our tour, made the phone calls, argued with the authorities and kept the clients up to date on the status, while they enjoyed the tour. Having a professional to advocate for you adds value to your trip without paying an extra dime.

So the next time you get the urge to travel, give me the chance to prove that I have a service that is of value to you, without it costing you extra. I may not be able to match an airfare on-line or your below market hotel price, but as the adage goes: “You get what you pay for.” Pay for value, amenities ad experience to help you to travel well.