Cruising Styles





The world of cruising is vast. There are cruise ships, routes and experiences for every type of traveler. We are currently in the WAVE season. This is a term that the travel industry uses to describe the optimal time to book a cruise. Many of the cruise suppliers have the best sales of the year right now. So, in honor of the wave season, I thought that we could explore some of your cruising options together.

I will list these, not in order of preference, but in general largest to smallest by type of ship.

Large Ship Cruising

This is what most people think of, when it comes to cruises. The average occupancy of a large ship is between 2,000 and 3,000 people. These ships typically have Las Vegas Style entertainment, casinos and many dining options. They tend to cater to all price levels and have special amenities for the higher priced options. On this type of cruise, shore excursions cost extra, as well as, drink packages and service charges. These ships have cruise itineraries all over the word, but mainly concentrate on the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mexico and Northern Europe.

Mid-size Cruising

These ships are smaller than their mass market counter parts. They tend to cater to the luxury market, but can have some good specials that place the pricing within reach for many travelers. Since these ships are smaller, they can dock or anchor in smaller ports of call. This is especially nice in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, if you which to stay away from the crowed ports of the larger ships. These ships can also be found in the South Pacific and Asian markets. The average occupancy is between 500 and 1,000 people. This allows for a greater staff to passenger experience.

Small ship and river cruising

Small ship cruising is found in destinations such as the Galapagos Islands, the Society Islands of Tahiti and some Mediterranean destinations. These ships have less than 500 passengers and usually include shore excursions in the price of the cruise. There could be a “specialist” on board to speak about the sights or destinations that the ship will explore. Depending on the destinations, the cabins can range from basic to luxury. River cruising is similar. The ships offer mainly outside cabins to enjoy the country side slipping by your window. The small ship size allows the staff to cater more to individual needs of the passengers. Many times wine and beer is include in the price as well as land tours.

Whether you are a seasoned cruise traveler looking for a new experience, or have never tried a cruise, now Is the time to be thinking of where you want to go and how you wish to travel. The deals are out there for the taking, but they won’t last long. Contact me today, I can help you to navigate the waters of booking and take care of all the details.

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