Alternatives to Europe

GG-FBProfilePhotoEurope has been a popular destination for US travelers for many years. While, I would not hesitate to travel to Europe today, a few travelers, are a bit shy about recent threats to European countries. With that in mind, there are many great alternatives in the world to explore.

South Pacific

South of the equator, lays many countries who are waiting to welcome you with open arms and in some cases, English language. Australia and New Zealand top this list. They have moderate temperatures year around, but remember that their seasons are opposite of ours.

The capital of New South Wales, Australia is Sydney. They are a city with something for everyone from world-class Operas, climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge to pristine beaches and of course their famous wildlife. Drive a bit outside of the city and you will enter into Hunter Valley wine territory. Experience over 150 different wineries and cellars as well as craft breweries.

If you are looking for a bit more relaxation and seclusion, Fiji and Tahiti are just the place. Hospitality and warm, friendly people will interact with you to make your stay a revitalizing experience.

South America

South America is another option for US travelers to experience. Wineries are a popular options for this part of the world as well, with tours in Chile specializing in this beverage. Don’t forget Easter Island, for some ancient history or the Galapagos Islands for wildlife and birds. The more adventurous and inquisitive may wish to visit the Machu Picchu wonder. This is a life-time memory making experience. Patagonia is a little more particular, being so far south. December – March is the ideal time of year to visit there, since it is summer. Cruises leave from here to venture towards the south pole. Or you can take shorter excursions to view glaciers, Fjords and penguins.


Last, but certainly not least, are the Asian countries. Japan, China, South Korea and Thailand are all popular for tours and river cruises. Cambodia is emerging as a popular and inexpensive destination for tours. On this side of the world, you truly get a taste of “The East”, just as Marco Polo did hundreds of years ago. You too can bring back treasures, wonders, tea and above all memories to share with your family and friends.


The more the merrier!

If you don’t want to experience these wonderful places alone, organize a group of friends. I would be delighted to take care of all the details. I can even come and present a travel night to any group who is interested in learning more. You don’t have to travel with strangers, form your own group and travel with friends.