A Christmas To Remember

I know that it is only July! But, it is time to think about holiday travel. In only 6 short months the holiday season will be in full swing. How will you celebrate this year? If you ask your children, what they got for Christmas last year, would they be able to tell you? It was only 6 months ago. Many will not remember. If you had taken a trip to remember, I am sure that they would have all kinds of stories to reminisce about.

Vacations are experiential. We remember experiences long after they are over. During the holidays kids are swamped with gifts that they can’t remember. This year, make it a year of experiences. My 21 year old son called me the other day to confirm where in Italy we had seen a certain church. He was telling some of his friends about a trip that we had taken 4 years ago!

Trips for all ages. This year, take a multi-generational holiday get away. It can be a ski trip, an ocean cruise, a river cruise or even a relaxing beach trip. Whether your family wants to see the Christmas markets of Europe or the Outback of Australia, I can help you make the most of your experience, so it will be a trip to remember.

Now is the time to plan this trip. Space fills up for the holiday season. Many people want to make the holidays an extraordinary time. The benefits of holiday travel out weigh the traffic. One year, we spent Christmas in Maui. It was a totally different Christmas than our traditional celebration. But again, it is one that my children still remember, years later.

How can I help make your holiday dreams come true? Call me today and we can begin to plan the Christmas to remember!

Destination Suggestions:

Skiing in Utah or Whistler

Disney Cruise

Disney River cruise in Europe

Germany for the Christmas Markets

New Zealand (in their summer)

Mexican Riveria

Cruise the French Polynesian Islands from Tahiti

Take a train trip though the Australian Outback