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5 Tips for Summer Travel

Pack for all weather conditions

Pack for all weather conditions

June is here. The kids are getting ready to be done with school. The weather is becoming steadily nicer, here in the Pacific Northwest, and our thoughts are turning to travel. Whether your family will be traveling abroad or locally, this summer, here are five tips to make your trip a smooth success.

  • Create a “remember to” check list before you leave. This should include items such as stop the mail, cancel the milk delivery, reserve the kennel for your dog, etc. If you plan to be gone for several weeks, notify the local police department for a home watch patrol.
  • Pack light – each year that we travel, we find that we could have brought less. Our family limits itself to one carry-one backpack suitcase and one personal item per trip. This enables us to be light on our feet, especially when traveling internationally. It served us well, when we returned through customs and were able to stand-by for a close connection. We were on the plan, while others were still in customs waiting for bags. If you don’t check your bags, they can’t get lost by the airlines either. Pack with layers and plan on weather.
  • Make sure that your passports are valid. More destinations around the world are requiring your passport to be valid 6 months after your return. Check the expiration dates and renew, if necessary. Don’t have a passport? I highly suggest you apply for one. Not only does it help you for last-minute bargain trips, it is a great for of official ID for your children.
  • Educate yourself. Even if you are taking an escorted tour, it is beneficial to know where you are going. History, culture, traditions and food options are all great things to know in advance. If you are traveling to a modest society, you don’t want to pack shorts and tank tops. If you plan to visit religious sites, your knees and shoulders will likely be required to be covered.
  • Unplug. Vacations are meant to be a time away from your daily activities. Enjoy your traveling companions, immerse yourself in the local culture. Talk to people, bring some inexpensive toys for the kids. Leave as many electronics at home as you can. Not only will they be safer, it will free you up to notice your surroundings and actively engage in the travel experience.

If you haven’t booked your summer vacation yet, it is not too late. Many suppliers are running summer specials. Contact me and I would be happy to take care of all the details for you.

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