5 Healthy Travel Tips

This summer, I traveled for 5 weeks and was able to stay healthy. Traveling is hard on your system, but the rewards of new places, new faces and new experiences makes it worth the effort. Healthy travel takes just a few thoughtful precautions.

Air Travel

Drink your water and stay hydrated. I do this a day or so before the flight, during the flight and all through my traveling.

When you board the plane and find your seat, take along a few antiseptic wipes to sanitize your armrests, tray table and media screen. Don’t forget the overhead lights and call buttons as well. This will give you a clean slate to start your trip.

Boost your immune system with a Vitamin C supplement. I take Airborne with me when I travel and take one each morning before I go out. They are easy just to drop into a cup of water and you get some water too!

The constant drone of an airplane is not very noticeable in the air, but wearing noise cancelling headphones or at a minimum good earplugs can help you to feel less fatigued at the end of your journey.


Take along hand sanitizer and use it before your eat or after you have been on public Avalon Illuminationtransportation or touring around. Many cruise ships these days have automatic hand sanitizer machines as you enter the ship or the dining room. Be sure to use them.

These easy to apply tips can go along way to start your vacation on the right foot and be able to enjoy the experience rather than fight a cold. Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid people who seem to be sick and wash your hands frequently. Healthy travel is possible. Enjoy the journey!