River Cruising


How do you like to cruise?

This week I learned about river cruising through the Viking Cruise Lines. They offer European river cruising as well as paddle boat cruising on the Mississippi River and a few ocean cruises on smaller vessels. I am not particularly a cruiser. I tend to get seasick. However, the great thing about river cruising is that there are no ocean swells. Thus no motion sickness.

Room with a view

Another advantage to river cruising is that all rooms are outside cabins with great views. Since you are on a river, you can always see land and the great scenery that you glide past on your way to your next great port. On these particular cruises, one shore excursion per port is included in the price. You will enjoy a local guide in every port who will personalize the experience for the tour by showing you his or her city. Many of these local guides have gone through extensive testing in order to become licensed.

You can have it all.

These are all-inclusive cruises. Your food and beverages, including alcohol, are included in the price. Do you want to float past wine country in France and snag a bottle of the local wine? Bring it back on board, there is not corking charge. There are informative lectures while on board as well as hands-on cooking demonstrations of regional food. The staff all speak English as well.

Location, Location, Location

Not only are you cruising through the heart of Europe equipped in your room with a view, you will also have access to free-internet, when available, to keep in touch with your fan club. Many of our friends track our trips via social media. If we have not brought the kids along, we will Skype with them to check in occasionally. How many times have you been on an ocean cruise and spent a “day at sea” or even two. Your are never out to sea on a river cruise. But, there is a lot to see. So when your thoughts turn to cruising, while seeing some great locations in Europe or along our own Mississippi River, give me a call to discuss the possibility of trying out a river cruise. I am sure you will be pleased with your choice.