Fall Travel – it’s not too late

I want to go someplace this fall. Tim and I sat down, last December, and made a list of places to visit for 2019. We made a marked our calendar and set it aside as a job well done. Here it is on the brink of summer and we have only checked off one destination from that list. That trip had been planned last September!

It’s not too late

Even though our lives are busy and the unexpected arises and throws off our best laid plans, there is still hope. Many trips can be planned last minute or with only a few months of a planning window. It’s not ideal, but it is still achievable. Just this past week, I helped to make a graduation trip possible with a departure date only a month away.

Where to go

Italy is always accessible. The best trip to Italy for me has been traveling in February. The weather was pleasant and the crowds were light. Croatia and Slovenia are also great choices. With a variety of activities in both of these emerging destinations, prices are reasonable and they are easy to navigate. Many tour companies have escorted trips to Croatia and there are small groups and private guides for Slovenia, if you wish to travel care-free.

A visit back to Scotland never gets old.

Other great fall destinations are Ireland and Scotland. These countries have unpredictable weather and lots of crowds in the summer. Come fall, the weather evens out and can be better, at times, than the wet summer months that are common. While many travelers choose to self-drive these countries for maximum flexibility, there are other options such as train travel, escorted tours, day trips from major cities such as Edinburgh or Dublin.

City Escapes

Paris Highlights
Gargoyle on top of Notre Dame overlooking Paris

If you like the major cities of Europe, there are packages that have hosts in each city to help you choose how to best spend your time. These can be made up of one, two or even three different cities with train travel in-between and a new host in each city. Included in these packages is also a morning walking tour of each city to give the traveler an overview of the destination.

So, where with we travel this fall? Most likely we will head to Greece and maybe up to Croatia from there. We still haven’t decided, but we have blocked off the time and we will go. Spur of the moment is not ideal, but it is still travel and making memories and spending time together is the best benefit of travel.